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  1. Fejinn

    This is a review for the vinyl edition of this album produced in England. This album is one of the most overlooked gems in Dylan's catalog and to get it on vinyl is extremely rare. The sound of is especially warm on the vinyl and the package design is exactly like the original cd album/5().
  2. Maurisar

    As I Been to You recalls the midshow acoustic segments that in recent years have been a consistent highlight of Dylan's Neverending Tour. Even more than that, the album's intimate, almost offhand approach suggests what it would be like to sit backstage with his Bobness while he runs through a set of some of his favorite old songs.
  3. Felkree

    Arthur McBride" (also called "Arthur McBride and the Sergeant") is an Irish folk song (Roud ) found in Ireland & Britain with slight variations. The song can be narrowly categorized as an "anti-recruiting" song, a specific form of anti-war song, and more broadly as a protest song.
  4. Mazuk

    Bob Dylan - Good As I Been To You Album Lyrics; 1. Arthur McBride Lyrics: 2. Blackjack Davey Lyrics: 3. Canadee-i-o Lyrics: 4. Diamond Joe Lyrics: 5. Frankie & Albert Lyrics: 6. Hard Times Lyrics: 7. Jim Jones Lyrics: 8. Little Maggie Lyrics: 9. Sittin' On Top of the World Lyrics: Step It Up and Go Lyrics: Tomorrow Night Lyrics: You.
  5. Tashura

    No disk warp. Not a perfect pressing but a very, very good one. I am an huge Bob Dylan fan so my content review would be biased. However, don't buy the vinyl thinking it will sound better than the CD. It might sound a little mellower, but not much. This album is really good vinyl but the listening experience is not superior to CD/5().
  6. Faehn

    Nov 10,  · Bob Dylan - Good As I Been To You - LP Vinyl Album Go Unlimited which had been the Dylan album you owned if you had only one Dylan in your collection. We get a lot of traditional stuff here. Like the blues classic "Sittin' On Top Of the World", a song most of us first heard in edited form on Cream's "Wheels Of Fire". Still, at least it /5().
  7. Vijora

    May 11,  · "Arthur McBride" is also my favorite track on the album (at least it is right now that I'm listening to it--right up there with "Jim Jones" and "Hard Times"). It's a towering song, and Dylan does a wonderful job with it, although I do think that Paul Brady pretty much owns it (whether or not he wrote the melody that he and Dylan use).
  8. Yojora

    Bob Dylan song lyrics for album Good as I Been to You. Tracks: Frankie and Albert, Jim Jones, Black Jack Davey, Canadee-I-O, Sitting on Top of the World, Little Maggie, Hard Times, Step It up and Go, Tomorrow Night, Arthur McBride, You're Gonna Quit Me, Diamond Joe, Froggie Went A-Courtin'.

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