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  1. Aralkree

    While the students are learning and singing the song, let them pantomime washing their hands. Or, if you have access to a sink, let them actually stick their hands in the water and wash them! If you do this, be sure to have nice clean towels available for drying, too. The melody of the song is simple and is always sung in unison.
  2. Mauzilkree

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  3. Ararg

    Wash Your Hands is a Wiggles song first sung in , to support hand washing for UNICEF and was adapted from Where Is Thumbkin and Frère Jacques. It was later sung in the Let's Eat! video and album. Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Sam Moran (Wiggly Tunes Pty. Ltd.).
  4. Kagarr

    Make sure your hands aren’t carriers for germs, check out The Remedy's 20 ways you’re washing your hands wrong and step up your hand washing game.
  5. Zololar

    Hold your hands under clean running water to remove the dirt, germs and any soapy residue that remains, which can irritate your skin if not rinsed thoroughly. ** Dry hands.** Use fresh paper towels, a clean hand towel or simply shake excess water into the sink to dry your thoroughly washed hands.

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