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  1. Mekinos

    Message of Sound – DVD – SOUND BECOMES VISIBLE – An audio-visual experience: what you see – is what you hear The technique of making sound visible: When water is set into resonance by single vibrations, different frequencies and/or music, the surface of the water starts moving into ripples, like when you drop a stone into water.
  2. Gokasa

    DVD Message of sound This film is a registration of sound-resonance in water, made visible by the reflection of light. Having done thousands of photos of sound resonance in water and many hundreds of short films, I produced the film - Message of Sound - which is released as DVD by Oreade music.
  3. Akirisar

    Danny Becher - Message of sound - Mandala's created by sound - DVD DVD - Musical. Acquista online su o nei nostri negozi!
  4. Tygorn

    Danny Becher presenta Message of Sound- Mandala’s created by sound-Conosciuto per le suggestive atmosfere che riesce a creare grazie alle incredibili sonorità degli armonici (overtones) prodotti da singing bowls, campane tibetane, percussioni etniche e pietre granitiche del Rajasthan, Danny Becher propone al pubblico il dvd “Message of Sound“, un’esperienza audio-visiva davvero .
  5. Shaktikus

    Film: Sound-resonance in water duration min. Music by Danny Becher and TONUS-Ensemble Subtitles and music: 1. DIDJERIDOU - by Pauli Mårsén 2. EARTH - by TONUS - Taiko drum, stones, darabuka, talking drum a.o. 3. TIBETAN BOWLS, GONGS and VOICE - Danny Becher 4. WATER - by TONUS Ensemble Stockholm - Peo Hagfeldt, Pauli Mårsén, Danny Becher 5. A SOULS SONG - from Touched by sound.
  6. Dorr

    Aug 26,  · Message of Sound – DVD by Danny Becher Posted on August 26, January 31, by D.B. Visible sound – documentation by Danny Becher Cymatic film and photos of sound resonance in water – VISIBLE SOUND – An audio-visual experience: what you see is what you hear.
  7. Dailkis

    Increase the volume of recorded sound, and then try to record the sound again. To adjust the volume for recorded audio, do the following: 1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Manage audio devices. 2. Click the Recording tab, click the audio device you use to record sound, and then click Properties. 3.
  8. Vobei

    Danny Becher; Visible sound - Cymatic experiments; Visible sound - Cymatic experiments; Visible sound - Cymatic experiments. Here below you can see of the Sound-mandala or pattern in relation to its frequency. See more documentation at Message of Sound.

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