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  1. Akinogami

    It may also refer to: Places. Illa de la Discòrdia (aka "Block of Discordia", "Discordia block"), a district of Barcelona, Spain; Entertainment. Discordia, a documentary film about the Benjamin Netanyahu protest at Concordia University; Discordia, an online game set in Stephen King's The Dark Tower universe; Music. Discordia, a death-metal album by Misery Index.
  2. Kigasho

    Translate Discordia. See authoritative translations of Discordia in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.
  3. Moogukus

    Discordian works include a number of books, not all of which actually exist. Among those that have been published are Principia Discordia, first published in (which includes portions of The Honest Book of Truth); and The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which had its first volume published in Published Discordian books Apocrypha Discordia Apocrypha Discordia was compiled by Rev. DrJon Swabey.
  4. Visida

    5) ‎the end. Some will rejoice and some will go home. ~Zed Satelite nccdd eeeee ksc! ***** " POEE subscribes to the Law of Fives of Omar's sect. And POEE also recognizes the holy 23 (2+3=5) that is incorporated by Episkopos Dr. Mordecai Malignatus, KNS, into his Discordian sect, The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.
  5. Yoran

    Universal Nation (Original Mix) - Various - 15 Years Of Music - Bonzai Worx Best Of Collection Posted on by Moogunris Oct 13, · The legendary Belgian Bonzai label is 25 years old and is more popular than ever!Missing: Discordia.
  6. Tedal

    For the Online Game see: Discordia (Game) Discordia is the state of chaos and anarchy that would be caused by the collapse of the Dark is the Crimson King's goal to bring about Discordia. The Crimson King believed that not only would he survive the collapse of the Dark Tower, but he could also rule over the resulting chaos and re-fashion the universe to his liking.
  7. Samugami

    Cro-Mags-The Age Of Quarrel() Discordia.
  8. Samukree

    Mar 25,  · The earliest version of Discordia, before it even had that name, was released as a Just Cause 2 Multiplayer module on 7 March It utilized LuaSocket, LuaSec, and (eventually) Copas to provide basic REST functionality in a sandboxed Lua environment.

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