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  1. Faulmaran

    First of all as Jess H. Brewer said the time dilation is not due to the object’s velocity but to the extreme gravity of the black hole, regardless of the movement of the object. To see the object you need to receive photons coming from it. As it a.
  2. Brasar

    Shark Electrosensory Experiment • Study Guide Jonathan travels to the Bahamas with shark biologist Dr. Stephen Kajiura from Florida Atlantic University to test the electrsensory system of Lemon sharks in the wild.
  3. Zulushakar

    Stephen Hawking said something! And again the international media is all a'buzz.. The physics community is a little more muted, but after hearing the pronouncements of the famous theoretical physicist, of supertranslations and horizons, like those listening to Douglas Adams’s Deep Thought, you might be wondering what the actual question is.. We don’t have to go far, as a .
  4. Kagahn

    B) The white dwarf, which is made mostly of carbon, suddenly becomes much hotter in temperature and therefore is able to begin fusing the carbon. This turns the white dwarf back into a star supported against gravity by ordinary pressure. C) The white dwarf immediately collapses into a black hole, disappearing from view.
  5. Mugar

    Modified MasteringMicrobiology with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Brock Biology of Microorganisms (14th Edition) Edit edition. Problem 1MQ from Chapter
  6. Samulkree

    Nov 17,  · Once the light crossed the event horizon, you would no longer see it. The light would still be there, you just wouldn't see it. Black holes do not emit any light, however as matter falls into a black hole the matter heats up and gets compressed. When it gets hot enough, the matter emits x-rays, at least until it reaches the event horizon.
  7. Nikoktilar

    This science fair project idea explores whether white light can be separated into different colors.
  8. Douran

    It was a common practice for white masters to rape their female slaves, and Zandrine is likely the offspring of such behavior. Madame Valmonde has a .
  9. Meztilar

    Item SC When two white powders react to form a yellow powder, the yellow powder is made up of the same kinds of atoms as the white powders, but the atoms are combined into different molecules. add to my item bank. Two white powders were mixed together. A chemical reaction occurred, and a yellow powder was formed.

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