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  1. Najora

    Mar 09,  · Directed by Guido Lombardi. With Kader Alassane, Moussa Mone, Esther Elisha, Billi Serigne Faye. Yssouf arrives in Castel Volturno, 30 km from Naples, a small town known as the 'most African of European cities'. He is supposed to join his uncle Moses there but nobody comes to the appointment. Yssouf then starts living with other immigrants and realizes the place has nothing to do /10().
  2. Mikat

    Jan 24,  · "ici", "là" and "là-bas" are French adverbs. 1) "ici" refers to a place that is at the same place as the person speaking, or very close. It means "here". - ex: "Je suis ici." means "I am here." - ex: "Ma clé est ici." means "My key is here." 2) "là" can have 2 meanings: "here" and "there" You have to use the context of the sentence to determine whether is is better to use "ici" or "là.
  3. Nekinos

    Jan 29,  · In La-Bas, Huysmans mines the life of Giles de Rais, 15th century serial child murderer and model of Bluebeard. Launching the ‘Durtal’ tetralogy, Huysmans weaves a mordantly brilliant tale of deception, seduction, and the descent into sadism. This book is a book about textuality more than anything else, and of the darkly irrevocable nature Reviews:
  4. Faubei

    là-bas translate: there. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.
  5. Mazukree

    Et dans la trouee, la-bas, Ajaccio. And in the gap, Ajaccio. Je dois traquer ces pirates la-bas juste pour les remercier.: I should track down these hackers out there just to thank them.: Ça c'est une bonne femme la-bas.: That's a good lady right there.: Quelque'chose ne tournais pas rond la-bas.: Something wasn't right in there.: Maria est de la-bas, alors je me disais.
  6. Tolkree

    English words for là-bas include thereat, there, under there, down there, yonder, over yonder, out there and in there. Find more French words at!
  7. Karisar

    Translation for 'là-bas' in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations.
  8. Akinokora

    Là-bas, which won the Grand Prize at the Marseille International Documentary Festival and was nominated for a César, is both the most fragile and most powerful of these was made in Tel Aviv, mostly inside an apartment Akerman had rented for a month while she was doing a guest teaching gig. Xavier Carniaux, who produced many of her previous documentaries, encouraged her to use the.

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