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  1. Julrajas

    Plan the Preaching. Planning is necessary to good preaching. Once or twice each year you should look back where you have been and anticipate where you are going in your preaching. Avoid preaching the same or similar texts, subjects, and messages. Like Paul, preach the .
  2. Kazishicage

    Transitioned from Music Director/Worship Leader with monthly preaching duties to full time teaching pastor this year and this has been part of my go to routine and thought process. Thanks for being such a positive and effective influencer. Reply. Fr. Jarek Pachocki OMI on November 9, at pm.
  3. Migul

    On Preaching is a masterful resource that will refresh your soul and revitalize your preaching ministry. Drawing upon Scripture and years of preaching experience, H. B. Charles offers a practical resource for pastors, seminarians, church planters, and Bible teachers that is full of energy and wonderfully enjoyable.
  4. Melkis

    You Need Training – A Basic Program. It is interesting how many budding preachers turn on the television and think that copying the various personalities is effective preaching.  They end up with superficial copies of some preachers. Sometimes they even copy preachers with incorrect or superficial theology. So you end up with a superficial copy of a superficial original. Certainly.
  5. Dounris

    The consensus seems to be that the best preaching and teaching is to take the tack that all of Scripture shows God's plan of redempt For me, this was a somewhat unfamiliar topic and I felt like they were splitting hairs, straining at gnats in distinguishing between ways to approach Christ-centered preaching/5(2).
  6. Akinora

    Text-Driven Preaching is the interpretation and communication of a biblical text in a sermon that re-presents the Substance, Structure, and the Spirit of the text. The Substance of the text is what the text is talking about, and this must be the focus and drive of the sermon.
  7. Dujora

    demands, whereas his teaching makes the nature of those demands explicit.” 2 While teaching and preaching are distinct they are also similar in that sometimes the same event could be referred to as teaching and preaching as in Matthew , or just preaching as in Mark and Luke

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